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The below diagram, from offers a nice overview of what's going on when you play live casino games.  The crucial elements of the system are:
- the dealers and studio/casino where the games are conducted;
- live game capture - video and scanning equipment;
- a secure bet interface containing the live video


The dealers and studios/casinos

This is the element that sets live gaming apart from RNG (random number generator) online games.  Dealer teams at some of the larger operations now number over 300 fully trained and qualified dealers. 

The other crucial element is the environment in which the dealers deal the games.  This can either be a bricks and mortar casino, or a specially built dealer studio. Either way, it is important to note that the equipment used (roulette wheels, cards, dice etc) are the same as what you will find in a traditional casino.  The wheels in most live casinos for example are supplied by well known manufacturers TCS John Huxley or Cammegh.

Game capture

The game breaker here is the video.  Sitting in front of every live table is a web cam that captures the game and delivers it as it happens to players' PCs.  Significant investment is made in compression technologies to deliver high quality video to players across a broad viewing spectrum.  Special attention (more from some operators than others!) is also paid to studio lighting and set-up to enhance vision quality.

Cards are scanned as they are dealt and ball drops are automatically sensed and game state of play data is all captured and linked to the playing interface.

Secure bet interface

Nothing revolutionary here, RNG games have been operating for over a decade with encryption levels as high as your Internet banking service.  The only difference is the game outcomes are dictated by the what happens on the table over in the dealer studio, not a computer random number generator.

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"If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time."

- Chinese proverb



Live games tip

What comes around goes around. If you have a good win don't be scared to tip the dealer a few bucks. Think of it as a small deposit in your Karma bank.


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