Live baccarat

Below are examples of some of our favorite live baccarat games and links to casinos you can play them at.


  • Game: 'Player, 'Banker', 'Tie' bets only
    Developed by: Evolution Gaming - this game is streamed from their Latvian dealer studio
    Casinos offering this and similar standard live baccarat games:
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Side bet options

  • Game: 'Player, 'Banker', 'Tie' bets AND side bets including 'Pairs', 'Dragon Bonus', 'In running', 'Progressive'
    Developed by: Microgaming
    Casinos offering this and similar side-bet option games:

Punto Banco (mini baccarat) from a real casino

  • Game: Punto Banco (mini) live baccarat.
    Developed by: Vuetec - streamed from inside Dublin's Fitzwilliam Card Cub and Casino (at Clifton Hall Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin)
    Casinos offering this game:

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James Bond: "It appears we share the same passions...3 anyway."
Xenia Onatopp: "I count 2; motoring and baccarat. I hope the 3rd is where your real talent lies."
James Bond: "One rises to meet a challenge."

- Golden Eye



Live baccarat tip

For best playing returns bet Banker and avoid side bets.  They look attractive but typically have  a bigger house edge than the standard bets.


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